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I'm a blogger, politician, geek, real estate broker (retired), educator, and weather weenie. On the home front, I'm a wife, mother, sister and pretty damn good cook. 

I love technology and social media and have spoken on both at numerous conferences and meetings in Connecticut and around the country

I have been an elected official in Ledyard for over 30 years and previously served as Chairman of the Ledyard Board of Education. I currently serve as Chairman of the Ledyard Town Council and Deputy Mayor. I am a very active volunteer at the Ledyard Food Pantry as well as the Ledyard Farmers' Market where I put my technology and social media skills to work. 

Have a question about Ledyard? Whether housing, government or local politics, I don't know all the answers but I usually know who does or where to research.  

My blog "Simply Ledyard" was built as a resource for the Ledyard Community. 

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